Paradigm 2045: Book 1: Trinity's Children

This was illustrated for "Paradigm 2045: Book 1: Trinity's Children" by Robert W. Ross. I was going for an epic sci-fi theme with this illustration, and the image itself was fairly time consuming, as there was a ton of characters to bring to life. It's one of the few character ensemble pieces I've created, and I had a great time illustrating this image.

While the author commissioned the cover for print and kindle, the publisher, Podium Audio, had the right to use in-house art at their descretion. They chose the work I created as the final audio cover and I'm excited to see it go live on August 25, 2020!

To find out more information about Paradigm 2045 or to purchase a copy, be sure to check out the official website here!

To see a step by step animation on how I created this image, click here.